Stardew Valley: One Gift Challenge

I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley and as I was playing I was wounding how I can do to have more fun. so i started a new game and started this Challenge. so far it’s fun and I’m near to summer and I want to share it so you guys can do it if you like. I will try to make this as clear as I can, if you want to know something let me know.

One Gift Challenge Summary

so in this Challenge is about getting close to the villagers. so the idea is that you grow one Crop and give it to the villagers. you keep doing this until the next season and keep going until you have full hearts on everyone and married someone. the crop you grow for the villagers most the most of them in the Likes/loves. like Parship, Pam loves it, the most like it and only 5 (Sam, Harley, Jas, Abigail, and Vincent) dislike it.


  • you MUST grow one Crop for the villagers. no Foraging, no fishing, no Cooking, no crafting. you must grow it.
  • once you harvested the Crop, head into the village and give them. anything with high quality goes to the villagers who love the crop. (so for high-quality Parship, goes to Pam as she loves it)
  • you can grow another Crop to make money, but only do one and it must not be the same crop your gifting to the villagers.
  • you can forage and Fish but only do one of them and only for making money. (with me, I do fishing as it makes more money and I like it)
  • you can grow a different in the next Season. so in Spring year 2, you can grow something like Green Bean. make sure not the grow the same crop 2 years in a row. so you’re safe to grow Parship again in year 3.
  • with married. you MUST marry the first Single who get’s the 8 hearts. so if Alex is at 8 Hearts, you MUST marry him.
  • you win when you have mix friendship with everyone and have married someone.

I hope you have fun with this. I’m enjoying it so far and check out the Stardew Valley Wiki for Crops and who likes it. LINK HERE


Sonic Month

so a few days ago now I went back to one of the streamers I followed to watch him play. I played with him on Stream and it was fun. I asked if I can join in the call next time and he said yes. I was so fun that he and his friends added me to their group of friends. now I’m apart of something great and fun

for the whole of Aug, myself and three others are playing nothing but Sonic games for Charity. well, four Charities. Mental Health Foundation UK, Child’s Play, St. Judes Children’s Hospital and Scottish Autism (not really a Charity but I want to give back to them as they helped my family) we also have bonus games when we hit goals. so far, we have £35 and that means we have a lot of games to play. I’ve been co-hosting with Nick (one of the players) and I don’t start Streaming until the 6th with Sonic Heroes.

also, on the 15th Sonic Mania is out and we’re all playing the game at the same time. Josh is playing the game on the channel (another player and the boss) and me, Nick and hopefully Grunt will be playing on our own channels. Josh doesn’t know this but I’m going to make a poll on who will finish the game first. (i can tell you it won’t be me)

my games are Heroes, 06, Black Knight, Secret Rings, Sonic 4 EP2 with Nick and Lost world. I also have some bonus games being Sonic Riders, Riders: Zero gravity, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed with Josh and the Olympics Games. I hope I do well with all the games I’m doing.

this is the link to the channel, even if you can’t give money, sharing the Stream and just watching would mean the world to us. Sonic month

and this is the plan for all the games

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

my Nintendo Switch

so today my Nintendo Switch showed up. yes, I got my hands on one. I only have one game for it being Splatoon 2 a game I use to play on my Wii U. setting up the switch wasn’t as hard or a pain as I thought it was going to be. downloading the game only took about 30 mins to do and I was playing a game I almost forgot have much fun it was.

there’s just one thing wrong with it… the controller. the Joy cons are more like pain cons. my hands hurt so much playing only 15 mins of the game. so I have ordered a pro-controller to hopefully have a more painless time with the game. there are games I want I just have to wait. games like Mario and Rabbits kingdom battle that looks fun. fire emblem warriors as I loved Hyrule Warriors and I do like fire emblem. I would only get Mario Kart 8 if I find it on sale. super Mario Odyssey as I normally get the 3D Mario games.

it’ll get a Lego game not sure what one as all my consoles (apart from PS1 and GameCube) have Lego games. I know it’s going to be hard to get Switch games as they are like sometimes more than a PS4 copy. and as most people keep asking me, NO none of the Sonic games, Mania and Forces are NOT going on the Switch. my PS4 called them first.

so far I like it but I only have one game and I need to see what the pro-controller is like and hopefully, my hands won’t hurt as much as they still do right now.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥

try hard

so this week hasn’t been much but I have been trying to get some trophies on my PS4. as an update on my PS4, my dad opened it up and gave it a good clean and it works just like before and I’m so happy! so I had a look at all my trophies and saw that I’m only 6 trophies away from getting the platinum. the game is… Skylanders imaginators. I’m still upset that there will be no more Skylanders games as I did love the games and I was more happy to see Spyro again. the next closest to platinum is ratchet & clank.

I’ve been playing way too much overwatch and need to play my other games so going trophies hunting is a way for me to play the other games. also to get more platinum trophies.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

what I think of Sonic Forces so far

so I’ve been a Sonic fan for about 16 years and I have loved all the 3D games, Yes even 06. so the two new games are coming out this year, mania and Forces. I have preordered Mania and just waiting for the preorders for Forces to show up so I can get a copy. I really can’t talk about Mania as I never grew up with the old 2D games and really can’t play them so I will be talking about the game I want the most, Forces.

so, let’s go back to last year in July at San Diego comic con where SEGA held a birthday party for Sonic. there, they announced two games. one game for the older Sonic fans that will be a blast from the past in Sonic Mania, the other a darker game with two Sonics in Project Sonic 2017 now known as Sonic Forces. I stayed up super late to watch the party and I cried when I saw forces. I couldn’t be happier as people were saying SEGA left the Sonic I loved for Boom Sonic and Classic but they didn’t and I felt so happy. in August the last Summer of Sonic was held in London and I went and got to play Green Hill Zone of Sonic Mania and it was good and I would get it. nothing on Sonic Forces until two months ago when we got the name and the first gameplay for Modern Sonic. 3 weeks ago we get Classic’s gameplay and just yesterday they dropped the mic. (five points if you got that XD) you can make your own Character to help both Sonic’s in stopping Eggman.

now, as a character designer in training, this is the best thing ever! this is why I loved Skylanders Imaginators, being able to make a character of your own and see them in the game, fighting, helping and moving is just the game. I have seen people saying things like “DeviantART is going to have a field day with this”, yes, but their thinking about the poorly done characters that are recolours. there don’t talk about some of the most well-made fan characters ever. they keep thinking the poorly made ones and not the well-made ones. most of my characters came from being Sonic fan characters and as much as I would love to see them with my hero, I won’t be adding them to the game.

here is why. let’s use Samlee for this. she was a recolour of Sonic himself. I was 12, saw other people doing it so I thought it was okay and it clearly isn’t. she has had something from Sonic in all her looks until her newest design which is a calico cat with pale green eyes like a peridot. I am trying to keep her, her sister and her world away from Sonic and with this new game, i’m going to find it a bit harder. making a Sonic fan character only won’t be hard, they won’t have any ties to Sonic or his friends as most fan characters do. I will keep you up to date with this one as unlike Samlee, this one will be posted online.

if you have any thoughts on this, do you think SEGA did the right move with this if you’re getting the game what kind of character will you make? let me know, I would love to hear about it.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

New Skin for my Genji

so in Heroes of the Storm if you play five games with a friend, win or lose you get cool stuff for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. I really want this Skin but it’s next week event. This week is a Genji skin (see the image of this blog) so I asked my friend Megan if she can help me get the skins and the other stuff and she said yes. she hasn’t played a lot of Hero so I helped her out as I’ve played it before. we lost three games and won the last two and we both got the Skin, player Icon and spray for Overwatch and a lot of stuff for heroes of the storm.

I’m grateful to her, she doesn’t like the game but is going to do the events for not only helping me get my Skin but also so she can get the same stuff so it’s a win-win for both of us.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

my first Art challenge

I’m going to do a Tomodachi life children Art challenge. I restarted my island and have myself and some of my fav video game characters from all the games I love on the island. the challenge is when someone has a child I will draw their child with half looking like their mum and half like their dad.

so let’s say, Spyro and have a child. (their boyfriend-girlfriend right now) I will draw a child half dragon half human. I wonder what I will be drawing.

lovers right now are myself and Sonic, and Spyro and no one is married yet but Sonic could pop the question (or me if Sonic doesn’t XD)

the islanders so you know who is here, more will be added

  • Karina (me)
  • Sonic hedgehog (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Blaze Cat (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Cream Rabbit (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Shadow Robotnik (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Spyro Dragon (Spyro the dragon/skylanders)
  • Boo Boo (Super Mario)
  • Rosalina Luma (Super Mario)
  • Luigi Mario (Super Mario)
  • Evie Frye (Assassin’s Creed)
  • Jacob Frye (Assassin’s Creed)
  • Link Hyrule (The legend of Zelda)
  • Zelda Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Angela Ziegler “Mercy” (Overwatch)
  • Hana Song “” (Overwatch)
  • Satya Vaswani “Symmetra” (overwatch)
  • Shimada Genji “Genji” (overwatch)
  • Shimada Hanzo “Hanzo” (Overwatch)
  • Zanyatta Omnic (overwatch)
  • Marth Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem)
  • Lucina Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem)
  • Isabelle puppy (Animal Crossing)
  • Harley Quinn (Batman)

that’s a lot of islanders… and only four of them are in love. I really now what to see who get’s with who!

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

A huge Twitch update

So I’ve been working on my Stream. I want this Streaming thing to work, I have to ask less help and go with what I want. a few things to go over so I hope you’re ready for a bit of a long read. I will use headers for each part of this update so you know what I’m up to and talk about.

Types of Streams

so let’s get the big one out of the way, what will I be Streaming? well, I have three things I love to do. Playing Video Games, Drawing and Character making. so far I’ve done the Video game and Drawing but not Character making. there was a Stream where I drew Samlee one of my characters but she was already made. I will keep the Video game Stream as the main type of Stream but every other week from now on I will do an Art Stream and once a month I will do a Character making Steam. I will talk about what will be in a Character stream in a bit but right now we’ll go over the Types of Streams in more details.

Game Streams

right so for the main Stream type. I saw that I had way too many types of Streams so I have three which would make things easier on myself and you guys.

  • Cookie Streams: this one isn’t really my own idea. this was a Streamer/YouTuber I love’s idea. his name is Proton Jon and he came up with the idea. then another called Tom Fawkes had his own. but they call it a Fortune Cookie Stream where I call mine a Lucky Cookie Stream, and where they pick up to 8 games and let the viewers vote on the game they want. I pick one game and unless I really don’t feel like playing the game we play it for an hour. this will stay the same when we get more people watching I will pick two cookies and have the chat pick but right now only one.
  • Birthday Streams: this was I think I came up with. I haven’t seen anyone do this before. I will do Birthday Streams for my Mods and Friends who watch my Stream. on their birthday Stream, they take control and tell me what they want me to play on their Stream and for how long. we have done this for a few Mods and Friends and it seems to do well. this is a way for me to show I care about my friends and Mods and my way of saying thank you for taking time out of your weekend to watch me make a fool of myself live.
  • One Game Streams: the name says it, we play one game for 4 hours. this is also the time where I pick the game not letting the lucky Cookie pick one for me. before I never got to pick the games I wanted to play so now I will. you never know, you may find something cool about the game I pick.

Art Streams

so the Art Streams will mostly be me using Photoshop drawing artwork of video games, Anime, my already made Characters, redeemed artwork, Commissions and college Art homework. I do want to do Crossovers of my favourite characters. the College homework will be life like drawing for my art class and won’t be in Photoshop but in my A3 sketchbook so will be using the webcam. Art Streams will on once every other week.

Character Making Streams

this is something I want to do this as a job and I also wanted to do this kind of Stream since I found out that’s what I wanted to do. right now I’ll do one once a month but it may change. what may happen in this Stream is that we look around DeviantART and google for ideas or we build on an idea I already have. we then go into my OneNote and write down all the ideas and at the same time sketch out the character in Photoshop or on paper. this Stream may be a long or short it depends on how we’re doing with the character. the chat can help out with ideas and tips and they can call out if the character is too much like another character. I’m hoping to start this month as I do have two characters that can be doing more work on them.

when will I Stream

the Weekend will always happen and 10 PM will be the latest I’ll go. on UK Holidays I will Stream more and will Tweet on twitter and inform Discord when I’m going to be live and give them a 30 mins head’s up. so I could Stream up to 6 days a week if I feel like it but keep in mind when I have college I will only do Weekends, holidays you’ll get more of me. and the Summer will be the best for me and you guys.

Mascot of the Twitch

and lastly for now are the Mascots of my Twitch. I was planning to use my character for that but most people won’t know who they are so I thought I could use other characters as the Mascot. I have seen other Twitch users and YouTube use Characters like Mario, Pokemon, Master chief etc as Mascots. I have also seen people using Characters that they relate too to help others understand who they are and get to know them better. so I’m going to do that, if I ever get paid for Streaming I will use my own characters. so right now I have a character I will be using and I’ll give you a bit about how I am like them. the character is…

Sonic the hedgehog: no surprise here. but he isn’t just here because I love him to bits. in every personality quiz, I’m 80% Sonic (20% is Amy Rose). Sonic is kind, cheerful, loves the outdoors and puts others before himself. he wants to help everyone and wants people to smile and give them hope. I want to make someone’s day. I want to give someone who is having a bad day a hug and tell them it’s going to be okay. yes, I can get cocky when playing my games, I go too fast through a game. but it’s all for to make someone smile.

so this is what I’m up too. hopefully, this goes well and if you made it this far, thank you for reading all of this. if you have any Questions just let me know. that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

feeling like Shit and two new Games

so to start from today to right now. so I got up from this morning and got ready for college. I’m so glad my mum was taking me in as I felt dizzy and unsteady on my feet. I went into class, got told off a little for drawing ever small. I can’t help it if I’m comfortable drawing small artwork. so as I was drawing I was seeing blue and green lights in my eyes and on break, I texted my mum and I told my teacher and she said it was okay for me to go home. before we went home, my mum took me to get funds for my PS4 and WiiU/3DS. I was playing on my PS4 for a bit with a game called Snake Pass. so far, it’s a really good game and I love Noodle (the Snake) I would play more but I’m feeling like shit. on my 3DS I got Disney Art Academy, it’s the only Art academy game I was missing. maybe after dinner, I may draw a Disney Character. I’ll post it onto DeviantArt when it’s done.

you see, lately, I’ve been feeling dizzy and a bit down. also, I have weak legs and they were acting up today so that didn’t help. I’m seeing the doctor soon to see what’s up with me. hopefully nothing bad.

well, i’m off to rest before food and maybe draw Disney. write again soon ^_^ ♥

Salty Mei

so I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube about players on overwatch raging in the game but never had to deal with it. until last night. playing with a pal and we were on 3vs3 elimination. on the last round, we were at 2 to 2 and the other team had a Mei. well, let’s just say, a hook and a blast to the face killed her and won the game.

it was luck but I didn’t see this coming. I was in another game with the pal and the Mei user PM me on PlayStation and started yelling at me. this wouldn’t be so bad until after mt pal left the game the Mei user joined my game and started to use Ice Wall on me to try and stop me. he was also in Team chat yelling at me and trying the other players I was shit and needs to be banned… in elimination, I killed him with Roadhog and in this game, I was Healer Mercy. he was also calling me a shit Mercy. so I’m shit because I’m healing the team keeping them alive, boosting the tanks and yelling “Heroes never die” when 2 or more of my team die? he died the most as he didn’t stay with the team and he was trying to piss me off.

so at the end of the game we lost, he was yelling at me again for making the team lose. now as a heads up it was only me and this Mei guy in Team Chat but the other teammates can hear us. so an Ana user came onto the Chat and yelled. “dude you did nothing to help the team, she was healing us and keeping everyone alive. she killed you in a game that’s fine, but you don’t need to bring it into this game and yelling so loud no one can F****** Think! so shut up f*** off and for you girl, stay on with me” the Mei user didn’t leave so I and Ana left and both of use blocked him. played another game and turned off my PS4.

I didn’t say anything to him the whole time, I didn’t see the point in making him more Saily. I’m fine and I’ll still play Overwatch but hopefully, i won’t see another salty player again.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥