long time no blog

hey, everyone. first off, I know I haven’t done a blog in some time. sometimes I don’t know what to write about, my days are just so normal I don’t think anyone wants to read them. so I’ll try and do like a weekly blog giving you guys an idea of how my week has been and we’ll take it from there okay?

so what happened. well, I’ve been away on two holidays within three days apart. the first one was Friday to Tuesday I went to Warwickshire with my mum, dad and brother. I was alone in the cottage on Saturday and the on Sunday I went to Drayton Manor to meet with my two friends I met over on overwatch, Megan and Jack. we had so much fun and I’m so glad I met them and hope we meet up again. Megan, Karina and Jack

we came home on the Tuesday and that same week on the Friday me and my mum went on a girls only holiday to the making of harry potter in London. this is a studio tour with everything from stages, items and outfits that were used in the films. this was my 4th time there and each time I have gone there was something new. this time was the forbidden forest. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I have a huge, and I mean huge, fear of spiders. I was told by friends who had already seen the forest said the spiders and even Aragog (he’s like the king of the spiders) move. I looked it up and want I found is that they didn’t move. so I went in thinking they didn’t move. I see one lowering over me and I ran like Sonic out of the forest (i also screamed). my heart was racing and I felt like I was going to pass out. but I pulled all what was left of my courage and went back in. as I have said on twitter and facebook.

“i came, i saw the spider and i got the hell out of there”


I did get some Hufflepuff items as it’s my house. I came back on the Sunday and let’s just say the bus almost killed my back DX.

I was also having a problem with my PS4. it was slowing down with gameplay and online games and it was overheating very badly but now it’s fixed, somehow. I have done one stream so far but I missed my own anniversary on streaming, it was the 2nd of July. I was away so I couldn’t do it and the stream I did so far was an overwatch stream. I really need to stop streaming it as no one watches it.

I think that’s all I can think of to write about. I hope doing weekly updates does down well, as I’m still not use to blogging so if anyone has any tips that would be great

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

almost there

3 weeks left of College and then on off for the summer. I’m still trying to find out where I’m going after this college but hopefully, I can do something after the summer. slowly getting back to Streaming and this one tomorrow as of writing this blog. I’ve left a Poll for my discord and Twitter followers and whatever they pick I’ll play, I really don’t mind which one they pick I’m happy doing them.

it’s also two months until the 10th anniversary of not only my time on YouTube but also my Storm Twins Samlee and Danny. I will start posting them online as it’ll help share them with people and maybe, just maybe… someone will see them and want to bring them to live (fingers crossed). it’s also a good idea to do that as you never know, they may like them ♥

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

Project CrossCode

I want to do more Art Streams and get better at my Drawing so I was working on what to do that people would like to see and it came to me as I was looking on DeviantArt. apart from drawing Sonic characters and my own characters, i love doing crossovers with other games and TV shows. I do Crossovers with characters I think would get along with or piss each other off. one I remember doing a lot of is Sonic and Spyro as I would love to see them in a video game together. I found a not done drawing of Sonic as Hanzo from Overwatch doing Hanzo’s ultimates and Spyro is the dragon coming from the arrow. I think I’ll try and finish it as I think it’ll look cool.

I have some ideas of this little project I want to do. Friday will be the first of hopefully many Project CrossCode. from the name, it’s got something to do with Crossovers but who will be with who? what games are going to share a Stream? I’ll see you all on Friday.

That’s all for now, see you later cookies! ♥

so far this week

so this is just a little update on my week and what I’m thinking. just a heads up, sorry if it starts getting hard to read.

so I found myself playing a lot of overwatch and it’s got to the point where I’m playing it a bit too much. I’m still shit at the game and I don’t seem to get any better. I have met some cool people to play with so now it’s more enjoyable for me. but there was one girl who started to piss me off. she had this… scream that goes through my ear and after a free play with her and two other players we went into a custom game and she made a 1v1 with me and her. now like I said, I’m shit at the game and I didn’t agree to the 1v1 and like I thought I lost 5 to 0. this pissed me off and she went into a 1v1 with one of the guys. then the two guys (btw there were four of us in the party) had a 1v1. so I muted myself and played on my tablet until they were done. I stayed muted until the girl said “is Spyro here?” on PSN my name isn’t Playrina it’s SpyroSonicGirl so must people call me Spyro or Sonic. one of the guys said, “I think so” she said, “good, little bitch” I unmuted and said, “thanks, bitch” she screamed again and we kept playing and I left as I got really pissed off with her.

moving off of overwatch I fear I’m losing my love on becoming a game designer and if I do, I don’t know what to do… my tutor said it’s the paperwork, once it’s all done my dream will come back. so what I want to do is work on my world Gemtara and it’s people more. mostly I’ll do this in my own time but if and this is IF, but if my cookies want to see my world come to life then they only need to ask and I’ll do a stream on it. I have already streamed me drawing Samlee and sadly didn’t do her twin sister Danny on stream.

also, this is for stream and it’s short. I fixed the audio on my mic and I’m getting better internet and it’ll be up and ready by Friday Stream!

it’s late, I’m off, see you later cookies! ♥