some what of a review:

NOTE: this review is based on my on experience with the game. i am not paid to review the game or am i told to talk shit about it. this is what i think about the game and would i recommend it to others. i will also be talking about what i look for in a game so i won’t be talking about everything in the games

What is Little Nightmares?

Little Nightmare is an Indie Puzzle thriller by Tarsier Studios and Published by Bandai Namco. the player takes control of a little child called Six as she makes her way through the Maw. on the way hiding from monster like humans as they try to catch her or eat her. along the way finding little children with cones on their called Nome that she can hug and little statues of a character called the lady that Six can break. the game came out on the 28th of April 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Gameplay (PS4)

the game doesn’t have a lot of buttons. L2 lets you crunch and slide when running. R2 lets you hold onto items and climb. X is Jump, Square is Run and circle turns on and off your little lighter. you spend a good half of the game hiding and running from the monsters. the long armed the janitor, the twin Chefs, the guests and the lady. when you’re not hiding or running your solving puzzles and finding the collectables.

it was easy to play the game. every time I had to hide from the monsters I felt my heart skip a beat. sometimes I didn’t want to move in fear I would get seen. sometimes when I’m hiding they still see me. I guess there is a little bug there but this only happened I think about three times.


well… there isn’t much in cutscenes or voice acting to tell the story. it’s up to the player to find the story. some of the fans have made up some great stories and theories that fill the world of little nightmares. there is a comic out that goes into the story we don’t see in the game. I myself haven’t seen it so I don’t know how it goes. I will link some of my favourites at the end of this review.



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the character the player plays as is a child named Six. she is a very small character wearing a bright yellow raincoat and white shorts only seen a few times in the game. she has her hood up at all times so you can only see her lower face and her black hair that covers her eyes, she is also barefoot.

the main villain of the game is the Lady. she is dressed in traditional Japanese wear with dark brown kimono and her long black hair in a Maru-mage style (it was the closest Japanese hairstyles I could find) and a white mask that hides her face. at some points in the game, she has sing, an eerie song and sent chills down my back.

Six and the Lady are the only normal looking humans on the Maw. the other characters like the twins and the Janitor are grotesque and ugly. the twins seem to be wearing masks as if you look at them they will scratch under their ‘faces’. the nome’s look a little bit normal like Six and the Lady, but at the same time look a little bit like the others. they act very shy but you can hug them as one of the collectables.

Music and Sound

the eerie sounds in the game give you a feeling of fear, not knowing what is in the next room. the music kicks in when something is coming. both go very well with each other and not really much to say.


Little Nightmares is a really good game and I see why other reviewers have been giving the game good reviews. when I streamed the game someone from chat said it reminds him or inside and limbo due to its similar feels in how it tells its story. there is more to the game as DLC is coming out and one of them is out as of writing this. I think I’ll give the game 4 out of 5 and would recommend it to any player and to players who enjoyed inside and limbo. the game took me 3 hours to beat and that also looking for the collectables.

well, I hope you enjoyed this review. can I note that I never read reviews myself so I have no idea why I did this… but I just wanted to write something down about what I think of the game.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

(i forgot to link some of the Fan’s stories and theories, so here)

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