Inktober 2017

Inktboer… I have never heard of it until today. my friend Jen did an art video on Inktober and was drawing her first artwork of the month. from what I found out. there are 31 themes, one for each day in October, and the artist is meant drawing something that relates to the Theme of that day. today’s was Swift, I did a dragon from Skylanders named High Five flying ‘Swiftly’ around.

there aren’t too many rules, 1. you must draw with pens, no pencils. as you can’t remove ink pens if you mess up so you have to be careful when you draw and if you messed up you have to work around it. 2. post your artwork online. 3. use the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2017 and 4 keep doing this every day in October.

so I will be posting all the artworks on Twitter, DeviantArt and here. as soon as I work out have to do it, I’ll make a gallery here and update it daily.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥


No more D&D and started Commission

so at the start of the week, I get a text from my cousin saying I’m banned from his D&D. I was shocked and tried really hard to control my anger. I’m not going into how I banned but all I’ll say is I was doing what he and his friends do and it like. friends are okay to do this but family aren’t. so I’m no longer going to any of the D&D’s as my cousin also got me banned from his friend’s game, thank dude…. I got really upset and I was worried about my characters, thankfully Hazel and Nora will be used elsewhere. Hazel is being turned into an Assassin’s Creed character and Nora is heading to Gemtara with the twins, Samlee and Danny.

I have started artwork Commission on DeviantArt for character drawings. I’ve been wanting to do Commission and I did have one on being my little chibi cookies and I had a few already so I wanted to try doing Character Commission. it’s me trying any form of characters being from media or their own Characters. I’ll do up to three characters in my cartoon style and up to five in chibi style, the chibi style is a new style for me so I’m still trying it out.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥

A New Idea

my mind like to wonder. it comes up with these stories to help me sleep and keeps me entertained when I’m in a car or bus, with help from Music. an idea can come out of the blue and it did when I was having a shower. two things that I’m into apart from Video games are Gems and Stars. I use to go star gazing with my dad on winter nights and I have some real gemstones like Rose quartz and lapis lazuli. my twins, Samlee and Danny are from Gemtara a kingdom known for their Gems and their towns named after them. I never thought about Stars until I saw some in the shower… (the water was too hot, my bad) as soon as I was done and dry I grabbed my thinking book and started writing down what my mind was already telling me. I did a map of a star island, a shield like design and the name, Polaris. Polaris is the star at the end of the tail of the little dipper. I’m still working on other key parts. like the characters, the story, the island’s past, do they believe in any gods like Gemtara has demigods etc.

I haven’t done this since I made my Characters and Crystal Valley back in 2007, almost 10 years. like what I’m doing with Gemtara, I can’t share too much info as I haven’t gotten my ideas over the copyright law to keep them safe from people who could take them from me. it’s a pain as I want to share my ideas so people can see and maybe enjoy them. maybe down the line of my college years they may help with showing my art safely online. if I ever want to see my worlds come to live i have to show what I have.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

A Week To Get Ready

so I sent an application for my HND course for another college. I sent it this morning and I got a reply saying I have an interview next Monday on the 15th. my Mum went to this college so she’s going to get me to it for my interview. so that means I have a lot of work to do to get in. as I want to be a character designer I have to show them my characters as I said I was working on some in my personal statement.

most of my ideas haven’t been put down on paper (or PC) and I have the designs for my characters and haven’t been drawing them down. that’s the hard part for me, putting everything down. I know what happens, key points in the story, the characters, their past, the world etc… so, I’m right now working on Samlee on Photoshop the now and once she’s done I’ll put her in a word document with all her info that I can remember and what I have already have done from college. after Samlee, Danny would be next and then Emma and so on until Monday. I’ll mainly work on the twins, Samlee and Danny, as they are the main characters and they are the ones I want to see come to life.

I have no idea if I can get my college work done and get ready for this interview. I may have to give up my games to get all this done. no more Overwatch, Animal Crossing, Heroes of the storm etc until I’m done. YouTube will have to fill my Gaming needs with videos as I work.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

new Artwork in my Porfolio

so I’ve updated my Portfolio page here. two of them are Sonic Artwork both the size for a phone wallpaper and the other is a crossover with Sonic and Newt from fantastic beasts. I know I said on my first page I’d try to update it once a month and I didn’t… bad girl DX. the little alien guy is a new one I did today. it’s also on DeviantART and I’m going to try to draw something every day, little things like a character with a simple background.


Yacker (Sonic Colours)

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

my first Art challenge

I’m going to do a Tomodachi life children Art challenge. I restarted my island and have myself and some of my fav video game characters from all the games I love on the island. the challenge is when someone has a child I will draw their child with half looking like their mum and half like their dad.

so let’s say, Spyro and have a child. (their boyfriend-girlfriend right now) I will draw a child half dragon half human. I wonder what I will be drawing.

lovers right now are myself and Sonic, and Spyro and no one is married yet but Sonic could pop the question (or me if Sonic doesn’t XD)

the islanders so you know who is here, more will be added

  • Karina (me)
  • Sonic hedgehog (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Blaze Cat (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Cream Rabbit (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Shadow Robotnik (Sonic the hedgehog)
  • Spyro Dragon (Spyro the dragon/skylanders)
  • Boo Boo (Super Mario)
  • Rosalina Luma (Super Mario)
  • Luigi Mario (Super Mario)
  • Evie Frye (Assassin’s Creed)
  • Jacob Frye (Assassin’s Creed)
  • Link Hyrule (The legend of Zelda)
  • Zelda Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda)
  • Angela Ziegler “Mercy” (Overwatch)
  • Hana Song “” (Overwatch)
  • Satya Vaswani “Symmetra” (overwatch)
  • Shimada Genji “Genji” (overwatch)
  • Shimada Hanzo “Hanzo” (Overwatch)
  • Zanyatta Omnic (overwatch)
  • Marth Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem)
  • Lucina Fire Emblem (Fire Emblem)
  • Isabelle puppy (Animal Crossing)
  • Harley Quinn (Batman)

that’s a lot of islanders… and only four of them are in love. I really now what to see who get’s with who!

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

A huge Twitch update

So I’ve been working on my Stream. I want this Streaming thing to work, I have to ask less help and go with what I want. a few things to go over so I hope you’re ready for a bit of a long read. I will use headers for each part of this update so you know what I’m up to and talk about.

Types of Streams

so let’s get the big one out of the way, what will I be Streaming? well, I have three things I love to do. Playing Video Games, Drawing and Character making. so far I’ve done the Video game and Drawing but not Character making. there was a Stream where I drew Samlee one of my characters but she was already made. I will keep the Video game Stream as the main type of Stream but every other week from now on I will do an Art Stream and once a month I will do a Character making Steam. I will talk about what will be in a Character stream in a bit but right now we’ll go over the Types of Streams in more details.

Game Streams

right so for the main Stream type. I saw that I had way too many types of Streams so I have three which would make things easier on myself and you guys.

  • Cookie Streams: this one isn’t really my own idea. this was a Streamer/YouTuber I love’s idea. his name is Proton Jon and he came up with the idea. then another called Tom Fawkes had his own. but they call it a Fortune Cookie Stream where I call mine a Lucky Cookie Stream, and where they pick up to 8 games and let the viewers vote on the game they want. I pick one game and unless I really don’t feel like playing the game we play it for an hour. this will stay the same when we get more people watching I will pick two cookies and have the chat pick but right now only one.
  • Birthday Streams: this was I think I came up with. I haven’t seen anyone do this before. I will do Birthday Streams for my Mods and Friends who watch my Stream. on their birthday Stream, they take control and tell me what they want me to play on their Stream and for how long. we have done this for a few Mods and Friends and it seems to do well. this is a way for me to show I care about my friends and Mods and my way of saying thank you for taking time out of your weekend to watch me make a fool of myself live.
  • One Game Streams: the name says it, we play one game for 4 hours. this is also the time where I pick the game not letting the lucky Cookie pick one for me. before I never got to pick the games I wanted to play so now I will. you never know, you may find something cool about the game I pick.

Art Streams

so the Art Streams will mostly be me using Photoshop drawing artwork of video games, Anime, my already made Characters, redeemed artwork, Commissions and college Art homework. I do want to do Crossovers of my favourite characters. the College homework will be life like drawing for my art class and won’t be in Photoshop but in my A3 sketchbook so will be using the webcam. Art Streams will on once every other week.

Character Making Streams

this is something I want to do this as a job and I also wanted to do this kind of Stream since I found out that’s what I wanted to do. right now I’ll do one once a month but it may change. what may happen in this Stream is that we look around DeviantART and google for ideas or we build on an idea I already have. we then go into my OneNote and write down all the ideas and at the same time sketch out the character in Photoshop or on paper. this Stream may be a long or short it depends on how we’re doing with the character. the chat can help out with ideas and tips and they can call out if the character is too much like another character. I’m hoping to start this month as I do have two characters that can be doing more work on them.

when will I Stream

the Weekend will always happen and 10 PM will be the latest I’ll go. on UK Holidays I will Stream more and will Tweet on twitter and inform Discord when I’m going to be live and give them a 30 mins head’s up. so I could Stream up to 6 days a week if I feel like it but keep in mind when I have college I will only do Weekends, holidays you’ll get more of me. and the Summer will be the best for me and you guys.

Mascot of the Twitch

and lastly for now are the Mascots of my Twitch. I was planning to use my character for that but most people won’t know who they are so I thought I could use other characters as the Mascot. I have seen other Twitch users and YouTube use Characters like Mario, Pokemon, Master chief etc as Mascots. I have also seen people using Characters that they relate too to help others understand who they are and get to know them better. so I’m going to do that, if I ever get paid for Streaming I will use my own characters. so right now I have a character I will be using and I’ll give you a bit about how I am like them. the character is…

Sonic the hedgehog: no surprise here. but he isn’t just here because I love him to bits. in every personality quiz, I’m 80% Sonic (20% is Amy Rose). Sonic is kind, cheerful, loves the outdoors and puts others before himself. he wants to help everyone and wants people to smile and give them hope. I want to make someone’s day. I want to give someone who is having a bad day a hug and tell them it’s going to be okay. yes, I can get cocky when playing my games, I go too fast through a game. but it’s all for to make someone smile.

so this is what I’m up too. hopefully, this goes well and if you made it this far, thank you for reading all of this. if you have any Questions just let me know. that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

great day!

so i’m over the moon! so i got all my work done for block 2 of my College work and i have a Conditional for my HND. i’m going somewhere!! i had a nice calming Stream and made three new cookie arts.

also, well i don’t know if i should say thing but i’ll just say a little. i made new friends at College and they seem to like me. two of them are girls and normally i can’t get alone with girls. after what happened with Joana and Jaime i really started to hate girls. but these two are just as big geeks as me. their into video games, Anime and superheores like me. it’s soo cool and great i found girls that are like me! i have my girls on Twitch but i don’t see them face to face. i wont say their names but if they ever read this, you girls are great!

sadly their not going into in same course as me and i hope we keep talking. i really want to

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my interview and plans for Stream

so first off, I got an email from the college about my interview for my HND course. it’s next week, the 1st of march at 2 PM. I hope it goes well and maybe they’ll tell me if I’m in or not. my tutor said he has high hopes I will get in so I hope his right.

onto Streams and I have something planned out. so Friday may get updated a little bit. I do want to have a nice slow start to the weekend before we blow it up with the streams, so I’m thinking of doing a little something called “building Gemtara” what this is is me working on my world I had almost 10 years ago (10 years on Aug) this would be like drawing the characters, writing the stories and working on layout of Gemtara (like maps, towns and buildings) I hope you guys would like to see this.

here’s the loud out for the next few streams

  • 27th of Feb: Overwatch with viewers and friends
  • 3rd of March: Animal Crossing City Folk for one hour, and Wizard101
  • the 4th and the 5th I won’t know what’s going on as I have a meet up with friends (and crush) so one day may not happen but one of them will be the start of the legend of Zelda breath of the wild
  • 10th of March: Cookie Art
  • 11th of March: Cookie Stream
  • 12th of march: the legend of Zelda breath of the wild

every Sunday from the 12th on so on will only be the legend of Zelda breath of the wild as we are let’s playing the game. Friday and Saturdays will have other games/Art so there will be other games not just Zelda.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

Cookie maker

i did an Art Stream today and wow, i did four artworks today. yes, there all cookies but still four and people did watch me draw them.

so here are the Cookies

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