bedroom heroes

so now that brother had moved out I now get his room. it’s a small room just big enough for a bed and a dresser so here is the plan. the little room is going to be my bedroom where I sleep and relax and the room I’m in right now will be my studio.

today, me and my dad painted the walls of my bedroom white. you see, the room was a bright alien green so we had to paint it white to cover the green, once it’s gone we’ll paint it Blue and Purple. two walls will be purple and the other two being blue. the room does have a theme and it’s half a new thing for me and half a theme I’ve always wanted to do. Sonic and Spyro Stars. I love Stars so I’m having silver stars on the wall and the colour is based on the heroes I grew up with. the Blue is the closest I can get to Sonic’s blue and same with Spyro, going more Skylander Spyro as classic Spyro is almost lilac. I am making something. I’m painting two wooden stars Silver and drawing Sonic on one star and Spyro on the other, both Sleeping. as my bedroom is only for Sleeping (and relaxing)

I’ve wanted a room themed on Sonic and Spyro but it was how to do it was the hard part. now here is a little thing, do Sonic and Spyro have anything to do with Stars. yes, they do. we’ll start with Sonic as he’s easier… levels. Sonic has had a few Levels with Stars in their name, hell Sonic Colours is in space with all the Stars. in Skylanders, the icon for the Magic element (the elements that Spyro is) is a purple Star…. and there is one level in the GBA game called Sky Park… and that’s it, there wasn’t a lot but Stars are tied with Magic and magic Spyro is.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥


monster hunter, Pokemon Sickness and new Room

I wanted to make it that this year I try new games to see if I can get into more franchises. in January I tried the Monster Hunter Franchise and as of this post, I’m loving it.  I got the new Monster Hunter World on my PS4 and I’ve spent hours on it already. I have now got the demo for Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U and Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS as I heard it’s more like Pokemon and I do like Pokemon. talking about Pokemon… I sadly haven’t played much of Pokemon ultra Moon.

the game has been making me feel sick and have really bad migraines. this is super odd for me as I have never felt like this playing Pokemon before or any 3DS games. from what others who’ve been having the same feeling as me had said. the game has brighter colours and there are more flashes of light in it that people with a history of epilepsy or seizures.

for me, I did have epilepsy when I was younger but I grew out of it by the age of 7 and haven’t had one since. but things that would send someone into epilepsy it makes me sick. so maybe that’s why I can’t play Pokemon. a friend had this I may be able to play again. he said to turn the brightness on my 3DS down to 1 (the lowest setting) and when I get into a battle look away from the screen as that’s why most of the flashing lights are coming them. normally I can’t play more than 3 mins of the game so I’m going to see if this works.

also, just a little info on my life so far. as now my Brother has moved out we have his old bedroom to use for something. my family said I’m getting it as a bedroom and the room I’m in the now will become my study. a gaming, creative Study. I won’t lie, I always wanted my own Study. a place where I Stream my games and draw without my mind also thinking it’s my bedroom. maybe my brain can shut off when it’s time to sleep in a room that’s for only sleep. it’s a small room but I don’t need a big room to sleep and get dressed in. the theme is Stars and sleeping video game characters. I know what I’m doing with the sleeping characters and oh boy, it’s going to be fun to do.

Kitty update!

Serena’s next Vet appointment is on Monday to get her 2nd Jag. so far she’s been a good girl when we go to the Vet but when she get’s her lady parts removed she may not be a happy kitty. that won’t happen until she’s 6 months old, so somewhere in the summer.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

New year, new Blog

hello everyone. it’s been a long time. I’ve had so much family Stress that I’ve been unable to write in this blog. so yeah, 2017 was a shitty year for me. so we are now in 2018 and so far it’s been good. my dispressing is gone for now (i know it’ll come back) I started my path as I Wicca (basically I’m a real witch) and the best bit so far… is my kitten.

on the 14th of this month me, my mum and dad went to a farm to pick up a black and white female kitten. she’s about three months old so her birthday is around October and her name is Serena. her name came from two places, the first and main reason I named her is Sailor Moon’s English name in the 90’s dub of the show. most fans hate that name but it was the name I know her as. the other reason is from Pokemon. it’s the female character in the game. in the show her name is Serena, someone pointed that out and I forgot about Pokemon Serena.

I will try to do a weekly post, some may have more if there’s something to blog about. talk to you all later ♥


this is Serena

this is Serena


Inktober 2017

Inktboer… I have never heard of it until today. my friend Jen did an art video on Inktober and was drawing her first artwork of the month. from what I found out. there are 31 themes, one for each day in October, and the artist is meant drawing something that relates to the Theme of that day. today’s was Swift, I did a dragon from Skylanders named High Five flying ‘Swiftly’ around.

there aren’t too many rules, 1. you must draw with pens, no pencils. as you can’t remove ink pens if you mess up so you have to be careful when you draw and if you messed up you have to work around it. 2. post your artwork online. 3. use the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2017 and 4 keep doing this every day in October.

so I will be posting all the artworks on Twitter, DeviantArt and here. as soon as I work out have to do it, I’ll make a gallery here and update it daily.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥

Comic-Con 2017

Comic-con this year was the best ever! it was on the 24th of Sep so yesterday as of writing this. I was meant to go with my Cousin and my mum but after he banned me from both D&D’s I went to and binning my Character sheets my mum said no and it was a mother and daughter outing. I was fine with this and we went off. but before we even left the house I felt sick and dizzy. This was the first time I will be going onto the stage in my cosplay of Princess Zelda. so I was starting to panic a little. When we got there we went to the Cosplay info desk to inform them I was here. We went to have a look at all the stands and at lunch time my mum went back to the car and got my outfit as I didn’t want to wear it at first. but as she was gone, I felt like I was going to be sick again and I couldn’t breathe. Panic attack number 2, I knew I was going to have people coming up to me and asking for a photo with me. I have cosplayed before but no one went up to me for a photo, it was me. once I got my dress on we had lunch and went to the info desk to get judges. they loved my dress and were giving my mum tips for if we redo the dress again. I think I had about 5 or 6 people coming up to me for a photo. I was fighting the urge to shy away. After being badly bullied and having my dreams burned by college around 4 years ago I lost my confidence in myself, so having people coming up to me and telling me the dress looked great and they wanted a photo was hard. and then, it was time to get on stage. I felt my heart beat faster, I felt sick and dizzy, shaking badly and I couldn’t breathe. I went whole blown panic attack. I didn’t want to do it, I couldn’t do it. me and my mum went into the hallway to calm down, I felt really bad about this. as I was trying to calm down a guy walked in as he needed to get away from the noise. he saw I was in a panic attack and he asked if I was okay. before me or my mum knew it, he was trying to calm me down. it was also his first time going on stage too and he was telling me it won’t be that bad. then a girl walked over. she had done this about 10 times and she handed me her soft Raven toy she got at one of the stands. I was hugging this Raven as she was talking to me. these two people that I have never met before were helping me calm down. my Mum was helping the guy with his outfit. I told my mum I was going to do it. The staff were also cheering me on and put me first so I would get it over and done with. I went after the kids and when it was my turn I really wanted to just run away. The music played, I went onto the Stage. Everyone cheered for me and two poses and a curtsy and left the stage. once I was off the stage, the stuff, the two other cosplayers and my mum were so proud of me for doing it.

the guy who was helping me come down went on stage for a few secs before running off the stage. it turned out they played his music before he was ready, he felt like he F-ed up. I went backstage to calm him down. he was the last one and it was time to call out the winners. I didn’t win but I was so happy I did it that I didn’t care.

what I got from the stands were good. some manga, a Sonic comic book, patches, two bookmarks, two necklaces and the best things are. a blue and white Pikmin plush and… note, the cheapest I have ever seen this game was £80. I found the first Animal Crossing game for the GameCube for… £30! I had to get it and when I got home, I had to see if it worked and it did! I now have all the Animal Crossing games, Gamecube, Wild World (on my Wii U), Let’s Go to the City (city folk) New Leaf (two copies) Happy Home designer and Amiibo Festival. I’m so happy now ♥

some photo’s of Comic-Con.

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that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

Comic-Con and my birthday

tomorrow is Comic-con, I will be going on a two-hour drive to Comic-Con with my mum and with my Zelda cosplay safely in the back. I won’t be wearing it when we get there but after lunch, i’ll be putting it on for the cosplay masquerade I’m entering. the Zelda I’m being is Twilight Princess Zelda as she is the only Zelda that has brown hair like me, so no wig for me. I will say, I’m a little nervous about it. I have cosplayed before as Sonic, Eevee and Harley Quinne but I have never been stopped for a photo. this cosplay may get people to want to take photos with me as I do like good in it. my mum and dad have helped out so much with the dress and the armour that if I win the cosplay masquerade and it’s money, they can have it. I have a few more characters I’d like to be. like Rosalina from Super Mario, a Hufflepuff student, Batgirl, Evie or Jacob from Assassin’s Creed and Sailor Moon. I’ll be making a post on my cosplay when I get home and if you want to see it sooner, keep an eye on my twitter. links will be at the bottom of this page.

Also, my birthday is this Friday coming up. my dad got a day off work to be with me on my birthday. with my stress levels being way too high right now it would be nice to be with my mum and dad for my birthday. at night I will also be Streaming so my online Friends can be there. I’ll be getting I think it’s called jackbox on my Switch as all you need is something that can use the internet to play. it’s £15 so not too much.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

No more D&D and started Commission

so at the start of the week, I get a text from my cousin saying I’m banned from his D&D. I was shocked and tried really hard to control my anger. I’m not going into how I banned but all I’ll say is I was doing what he and his friends do and it like. friends are okay to do this but family aren’t. so I’m no longer going to any of the D&D’s as my cousin also got me banned from his friend’s game, thank dude…. I got really upset and I was worried about my characters, thankfully Hazel and Nora will be used elsewhere. Hazel is being turned into an Assassin’s Creed character and Nora is heading to Gemtara with the twins, Samlee and Danny.

I have started artwork Commission on DeviantArt for character drawings. I’ve been wanting to do Commission and I did have one on being my little chibi cookies and I had a few already so I wanted to try doing Character Commission. it’s me trying any form of characters being from media or their own Characters. I’ll do up to three characters in my cartoon style and up to five in chibi style, the chibi style is a new style for me so I’m still trying it out.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥

It’s been some time

so I haven’t done anything here for a long time. things have been chaotic in my life to the point where I have only been able to Stream and that’s it. I do miss being active online with YouTube, deviantart and here. things have calmed down a bit so I’m able to do more.

so first off, I’m not at college. due to my life being chaotic I was getting stressed out and I didn’t want any more stress for I’m taking a year off and hopefully I will return to my college life, knowing me I’ll miss it or I may get a job. I also I haven’t been drawing so I’m now getting back into it, Sonic month helped with that and now working on Art themed videos for YouTube. my room is also is getting redone and I’m making more of my themed letters. I right now have a P, R and H. the P and the R are “PlayRina” so one of them will be a PlayStation Themed and the other being Nintendo themed as they are both my favourite consoles/games.

Streaming has been great as I am now an Affiliate. this means I can make money from my Streams with Sub and Bits. I was so happy to be one as I never thought I’d make it but I did. I also have a hold on my Stream so now I have a Schedule and I’m keeping notes on what happens on each Stream so I know what does well.

also, I’ll be going to Glasgow Comic Con and going to be in the Cosplay Masquerade. I will be Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess. the dress is almost done and it looks good.

and lastly, at the end of this month is my 23rd birthday. my mum and dad are taking me out to Edinburgh to go to the Harry Potter called, Diagon House. and I will be Streaming on my Birthday playing my favourite games.

that’s all for now, thank you for reading this and hopefully, I’ll be posting here again. see you later ♥

Sonic Month

so a few days ago now I went back to one of the streamers I followed to watch him play. I played with him on Stream and it was fun. I asked if I can join in the call next time and he said yes. I was so fun that he and his friends added me to their group of friends. now I’m apart of something great and fun

for the whole of Aug, myself and three others are playing nothing but Sonic games for Charity. well, four Charities. Mental Health Foundation UK, Child’s Play, St. Judes Children’s Hospital and Scottish Autism (not really a Charity but I want to give back to them as they helped my family) we also have bonus games when we hit goals. so far, we have £35 and that means we have a lot of games to play. I’ve been co-hosting with Nick (one of the players) and I don’t start Streaming until the 6th with Sonic Heroes.

also, on the 15th Sonic Mania is out and we’re all playing the game at the same time. Josh is playing the game on the channel (another player and the boss) and me, Nick and hopefully Grunt will be playing on our own channels. Josh doesn’t know this but I’m going to make a poll on who will finish the game first. (i can tell you it won’t be me)

my games are Heroes, 06, Black Knight, Secret Rings, Sonic 4 EP2 with Nick and Lost world. I also have some bonus games being Sonic Riders, Riders: Zero gravity, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed with Josh and the Olympics Games. I hope I do well with all the games I’m doing.

this is the link to the channel, even if you can’t give money, sharing the Stream and just watching would mean the world to us. Sonic month

and this is the plan for all the games

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

my Nintendo Switch

so today my Nintendo Switch showed up. yes, I got my hands on one. I only have one game for it being Splatoon 2 a game I use to play on my Wii U. setting up the switch wasn’t as hard or a pain as I thought it was going to be. downloading the game only took about 30 mins to do and I was playing a game I almost forgot have much fun it was.

there’s just one thing wrong with it… the controller. the Joy cons are more like pain cons. my hands hurt so much playing only 15 mins of the game. so I have ordered a pro-controller to hopefully have a more painless time with the game. there are games I want I just have to wait. games like Mario and Rabbits kingdom battle that looks fun. fire emblem warriors as I loved Hyrule Warriors and I do like fire emblem. I would only get Mario Kart 8 if I find it on sale. super Mario Odyssey as I normally get the 3D Mario games.

it’ll get a Lego game not sure what one as all my consoles (apart from PS1 and GameCube) have Lego games. I know it’s going to be hard to get Switch games as they are like sometimes more than a PS4 copy. and as most people keep asking me, NO none of the Sonic games, Mania and Forces are NOT going on the Switch. my PS4 called them first.

so far I like it but I only have one game and I need to see what the pro-controller is like and hopefully, my hands won’t hurt as much as they still do right now.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥