what i think how EA did at E3

I’ve been watching E3 for a few years and I’ve never posted my full thoughts on it, just small tweets. so having this blog I can post it. so here we go!

so today only had EA and oh my god… they are big fat liers! apart from the EA sports games that I don’t care about they showed off four games.

Battlefield V

really don’t have much to say as to me, this is another Call of Duty. it has a battle royale so yeah… another game trying to be PUBG and fortnite. I think the crowd didn’t sound too happy when they announce.


umm… at this point, I left the stream as they didn’t show this until the end so yeah, don’t know much and I don’t know. it looks like destiny to me. I may not pick it up

Sea of Solitude

a new IP? it looks really nice but… the main character is a bit creepy for me and I don’t think I’ll enjoy a game that is going to remind me on my loneliness… I may pick it

Unravel 2

now, this I am looking forward to. I fell in love with the first game and from the demo, it looks really good. play on your own or with a friend, I have a feeling my heart will hurt from playing this. and… it’s out now! I was surprised that it’s out now, I know I’m getting it only £15 on PS4.

what everyone was yelling in the chat was when EA said they care about their players and put them first the chat and myself yelled bullshit. if you know about the Star Wars Battlefield 2 then you know why we call bullshit. they also had a mobile game and… had a ‘tournament’ match with two guys the crowd really didn’t like it, a few did clap but they didn’t like it.

before anyone says “aren’t they gamers?” maybe but they are mostly reporters for gaming websites and investors.

tomorrow is Sony and Ubisoft (i think DX) so I will post my thoughts on them. I know Sony will be way better, Ubisoft is only for Assassin’s Creed and if they show something good. oh shit, I forgot Microsoft. guess I forgot about Xbox and PC… both things I don’t care about. Nintendo is on the last day and I want to see more 3DS games and if they show anything good for the Switch.

that’s it for now, see you later


Stardew Valley: One Gift Challenge

I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley and as I was playing I was wounding how I can do to have more fun. so i started a new game and started this Challenge. so far it’s fun and I’m near to summer and I want to share it so you guys can do it if you like. I will try to make this as clear as I can, if you want to know something let me know.

One Gift Challenge Summary

so in this Challenge is about getting close to the villagers. so the idea is that you grow one Crop and give it to the villagers. you keep doing this until the next season and keep going until you have full hearts on everyone and married someone. the crop you grow for the villagers most the most of them in the Likes/loves. like Parship, Pam loves it, the most like it and only 5 (Sam, Harley, Jas, Abigail, and Vincent) dislike it.


  • you MUST grow one Crop for the villagers. no Foraging, no fishing, no Cooking, no crafting. you must grow it.
  • once you harvested the Crop, head into the village and give them. anything with high quality goes to the villagers who love the crop. (so for high-quality Parship, goes to Pam as she loves it)
  • you can grow another Crop to make money, but only do one and it must not be the same crop your gifting to the villagers.
  • you can forage and Fish but only do one of them and only for making money. (with me, I do fishing as it makes more money and I like it)
  • you can grow a different in the next Season. so in Spring year 2, you can grow something like Green Bean. make sure not the grow the same crop 2 years in a row. so you’re safe to grow Parship again in year 3.
  • with married. you MUST marry the first Single who get’s the 8 hearts. so if Alex is at 8 Hearts, you MUST marry him.
  • you win when you have mix friendship with everyone and have married someone.

I hope you have fun with this. I’m enjoying it so far and check out the Stardew Valley Wiki for Crops and who likes it. LINK HERE

Story updates

I thought I talk a little about the two stories I talked about in my last blog post. yes, I haven’t shown any of the Star Fall characters yet I just need to remember how to edit my blog again, it’s been some time DX

so here is an update on both Stories. both have one chapter done and working on Chapter 2, Star Fall has a prologue and Storm Blades has an epilogue. as from what I’ve seen, it’s not a good idea to have both in a story. most stories I’ve read have an epilogue and I think only two have prologues.

one of the Characters from Star Fall is made and one is in the works. Storm Blades hasn’t had any art done for them. as for the covers for both stories… this is the last thing I need to do, once both stories are done I can work on it.

there is one thing if anyone is wonder where to get the stories when they are done. Amazon has this thing where you can post your stories onto the kindle. so it’ll be an ebook and if they do good in paperback and hardback as I love hardback books (my full set of the Harry Potter Books, Serafina and the black cloak and the wizard of once are hardbacks)

a little update but I felt I need to update as I am really into doing this, the two main things I love are Stories and Characters. once I find out how to edit my blog again, I will add two pages, one for Star Fall and the other for Storm Blades.

that’s all for now, see you later

the Stories I’ve always wanted to tell

I want you to think of a time where you had a story. a story of your own, something you liked the sound of and begin to work on it. making the world, the characters and everything you needed to make for this story. you then want to share this story as you think it’s the next Last of Us or Harry Potter.

that’s me with my own Stories. as you guys know, I went to college to learn how to get into the video game making but sadly the likeliness of me getting in a very, very low. so now I have to go the next best thing, a book. this is easier and the way I’ve made the stories they fit book form more than games so I’m happy to say I’m working on two Stories of my own work. one is a three book set and one is a one-off. here is a little info on both stories.

Storm Blades

Samlee and Danny have lived in a cottage in the heart of Gemtara for all their lives until they return to find their home in flames and their mother and father are gone. with only what their father and mother have taught them, the twins travel across Gemtara to find their parents but they find something else on the way.

Star Fall

Gem never understood why her glow was weaker than the other Stars. when she finds a way to save her light, she heads the old city with two other Stars to find her light before it goes out. if her light goes out, her life will end. little did she know, it won’t just be her light she has to save.

I really hope these stories do well, nearer to release I will post a blog to where you can find it if you want to read them. I’m working hard on these, keep an eye on DeviantART for the Characters for both Storm Blades and Star Fall.

that’s all for now, see you later!

things i’m working on

so I’ve been working on a few characters for a new world. it’s based on the 12 star sighs. so far I’ve done three of them. the idea is one of the stars hasn’t got their power yet but when their home is in danger they get their power and with the other stars, they save their home. yeah, it’s a story that’s been done before but somethings overdone stories are the best.

I would show you the three characters I have made but their on my big computer so I’ll add them to a character page on this blog (i think I have one here XD)

I’m going to try to write blogs, small or big it doesn’t matter as long as I get into the swing of this, you never know ^_^

that’s all for now, see ya later!

new Laptop

so for the past year, I’ve been having a hard time with my Computer with it blue screening, updating without asking for the go-ahead and restarting itself out of the blue. it was pissing me off so I ended up getting a new computer but I really didn’t want to get a new base unit so I got a laptop. this is going to more useful than a Computer. yes, I won’t be able to play games on this lovely Laptop that is what the computer is for and storing flies like my art, music, etc.

the laptop will mainly have my characters and I’ll be taking this out with me when I go out to take photos. I may have just only had this for about 3 or 4 hours but I’m already in love this laptop ^_^ so my laptop is a 2 in 1. a laptop and I can turn it into a table, this is useful for drawing as I also got a bimbo ink pen to use on this laptop. it’s a Lenovo HP laptop with Intel Core i5. (in case any PC geeks what to know, I’m not too hot with PC I’m better with Consoles)

that’s all for now, see ya (sorry, the laptop can’t make my little heart DX)

Trying a new hobby

this year is the year I’ll be trying new things. trying new games and new ways to be creative. I wrought down things I already do and added things I like to try or do more of. first, the things I want to do more of, Cooking. my mum, gran and great-gran are great cooks and I’m the same. I’m not bragging, my own college says I am. I stopped cooking two years ago and I want to cook again, I missed it. tomorrow I’ll be cooking dinner for my family, being chilli con carne. drawing and crafts. this is the main way of being creative. I have a new art deck where I’ll be doing my work on. drawing is going along nicely and I’ll be working on two stars for my bedroom and hopefully finish my P, R and H. (P and R being Playrina and the H being Hufflepuff). there is one thing i won’t be doing more of and that’s Streaming. sadly I must face the facts, I am not a great Streaming so I won’t be doing it for a long time… it’s sad as I did love doing it.

but now I’m moving on to new things to keep me busy. first of, new games to play. as of the start of the year, I’ve been trying new games to add to my library. so far it’s been good

the games I’m now into are

  • Monster Hunter (first game: Monster Hunter World)
  • Klonoa (first game: Klonoa: Empire of Dreams)
  • Shantae (First game: Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse)

I have tried Final Fantasy and I’m not sure. I want to try Dynasty Warriors as I love Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. I got some games from PSN that I haven’t tried yet but will soon. next is photography. me and my dad went on a walk by a river near my house and I took from photos with his old camera that he’s letting me have it to see if I like it.

here are some of them

so that’s it for now, see you later! ♥

bedroom heroes

so now that brother had moved out I now get his room. it’s a small room just big enough for a bed and a dresser so here is the plan. the little room is going to be my bedroom where I sleep and relax and the room I’m in right now will be my studio.

today, me and my dad painted the walls of my bedroom white. you see, the room was a bright alien green so we had to paint it white to cover the green, once it’s gone we’ll paint it Blue and Purple. two walls will be purple and the other two being blue. the room does have a theme and it’s half a new thing for me and half a theme I’ve always wanted to do. Sonic and Spyro Stars. I love Stars so I’m having silver stars on the wall and the colour is based on the heroes I grew up with. the Blue is the closest I can get to Sonic’s blue and same with Spyro, going more Skylander Spyro as classic Spyro is almost lilac. I am making something. I’m painting two wooden stars Silver and drawing Sonic on one star and Spyro on the other, both Sleeping. as my bedroom is only for Sleeping (and relaxing)

I’ve wanted a room themed on Sonic and Spyro but it was how to do it was the hard part. now here is a little thing, do Sonic and Spyro have anything to do with Stars. yes, they do. we’ll start with Sonic as he’s easier… levels. Sonic has had a few Levels with Stars in their name, hell Sonic Colours is in space with all the Stars. in Skylanders, the icon for the Magic element (the elements that Spyro is) is a purple Star…. and there is one level in the GBA game called Sky Park… and that’s it, there wasn’t a lot but Stars are tied with Magic and magic Spyro is.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥

monster hunter, Pokemon Sickness and new Room

I wanted to make it that this year I try new games to see if I can get into more franchises. in January I tried the Monster Hunter Franchise and as of this post, I’m loving it.  I got the new Monster Hunter World on my PS4 and I’ve spent hours on it already. I have now got the demo for Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U and Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS as I heard it’s more like Pokemon and I do like Pokemon. talking about Pokemon… I sadly haven’t played much of Pokemon ultra Moon.

the game has been making me feel sick and have really bad migraines. this is super odd for me as I have never felt like this playing Pokemon before or any 3DS games. from what others who’ve been having the same feeling as me had said. the game has brighter colours and there are more flashes of light in it that people with a history of epilepsy or seizures.

for me, I did have epilepsy when I was younger but I grew out of it by the age of 7 and haven’t had one since. but things that would send someone into epilepsy it makes me sick. so maybe that’s why I can’t play Pokemon. a friend had this I may be able to play again. he said to turn the brightness on my 3DS down to 1 (the lowest setting) and when I get into a battle look away from the screen as that’s why most of the flashing lights are coming them. normally I can’t play more than 3 mins of the game so I’m going to see if this works.

also, just a little info on my life so far. as now my Brother has moved out we have his old bedroom to use for something. my family said I’m getting it as a bedroom and the room I’m in the now will become my study. a gaming, creative Study. I won’t lie, I always wanted my own Study. a place where I Stream my games and draw without my mind also thinking it’s my bedroom. maybe my brain can shut off when it’s time to sleep in a room that’s for only sleep. it’s a small room but I don’t need a big room to sleep and get dressed in. the theme is Stars and sleeping video game characters. I know what I’m doing with the sleeping characters and oh boy, it’s going to be fun to do.

Kitty update!

Serena’s next Vet appointment is on Monday to get her 2nd Jag. so far she’s been a good girl when we go to the Vet but when she get’s her lady parts removed she may not be a happy kitty. that won’t happen until she’s 6 months old, so somewhere in the summer.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

New year, new Blog

hello everyone. it’s been a long time. I’ve had so much family Stress that I’ve been unable to write in this blog. so yeah, 2017 was a shitty year for me. so we are now in 2018 and so far it’s been good. my dispressing is gone for now (i know it’ll come back) I started my path as I Wicca (basically I’m a real witch) and the best bit so far… is my kitten.

on the 14th of this month me, my mum and dad went to a farm to pick up a black and white female kitten. she’s about three months old so her birthday is around October and her name is Serena. her name came from two places, the first and main reason I named her is Sailor Moon’s English name in the 90’s dub of the show. most fans hate that name but it was the name I know her as. the other reason is from Pokemon. it’s the female character in the game. in the show her name is Serena, someone pointed that out and I forgot about Pokemon Serena.

I will try to do a weekly post, some may have more if there’s something to blog about. talk to you all later ♥


this is Serena

this is Serena