try hard

so this week hasn’t been much but I have been trying to get some trophies on my PS4. as an update on my PS4, my dad opened it up and gave it a good clean and it works just like before and I’m so happy! so I had a look at all my trophies and saw that I’m only 6 trophies away from getting the platinum. the game is… Skylanders imaginators. I’m still upset that there will be no more Skylanders games as I did love the games and I was more happy to see Spyro again. the next closest to platinum is ratchet & clank.

I’ve been playing way too much overwatch and need to play my other games so going trophies hunting is a way for me to play the other games. also to get more platinum trophies.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥


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