I may take a year off

well, I’ve been stressed as hell for the past 2 weeks. something happened in my family that I can’t say online, just know that it was scary and it’s getting fixed. it’s also near the end of my college year and the stress of family and college has gotten to me. I’ve been unable to sleep well and I spent most of my time on Overwatch trying to feel better. I’ve never been able to deal with stress and one time it got too much…. I started to hurt myself. don’t worry, I haven’t done that for 3 or 4 years now. I’m just glad I have friends and family who care and have been helping in their own way to make me feel better.

so to help with the stress I may get a year off of College to calm my mind before going for my HND. the summer is coming and I’ll be meeting two of my friends I made over overwatch in 2 weeks. I can’t wait to meet them and give them a real hug.

E3 is also coming up and I’ll be watching as much of the live streams as I can. I’m hoping for news on the new Sonic games, the new Pokemon games on 3DS, new PS4 games I may get and any games for the switch that may make me buy one.

more Streams in the summer and hopefully make more posts here as I do like my blog and you never know, maybe someone big may find me XD.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥


almost there

3 weeks left of College and then on off for the summer. I’m still trying to find out where I’m going after this college but hopefully, I can do something after the summer. slowly getting back to Streaming and this one tomorrow as of writing this blog. I’ve left a Poll for my discord and Twitter followers and whatever they pick I’ll play, I really don’t mind which one they pick I’m happy doing them.

it’s also two months until the 10th anniversary of not only my time on YouTube but also my Storm Twins Samlee and Danny. I will start posting them online as it’ll help share them with people and maybe, just maybe… someone will see them and want to bring them to live (fingers crossed). it’s also a good idea to do that as you never know, they may like them ♥

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥