Is Dungeons and Dragons the next level in Geek?

so I have never played dungeons and dragons before and for the longest time, I didn’t want to play it. someone from my college class plays it and is mad about it (like me with Video games) I world sometimes see him working on DandD maps and talking to other players on discord. he had tried to get me to play but I said no. my only fear with the game is it looks so confusing and he kept saying I’d be fine if it isn’t in the most simple way I won’t get it most of the time.

so on Wed my cousin texted me and asked if I knew what DandD is. I said yes and that my classmate plays it. he then asked if I wanted to play with him and some of his friends. keep in mind he is 17 and his friends are around his age and I’m 22. I wasn’t sure about it but I ended up saying yes.

so today he came over and we worked on my character for the game. a good thing that’s going to come out of this is I will have another character for my portfolio of Characters that I have made. one of my cousin’s friends is going to pay someone to draw our characters in a professional way. I have a drawing already of her and I like how she’s turning out for someone made within 3 to 4 hours. they didn’t want the little things like age, birthday etc. but for me, there are key parts of a character (birthday most of the time isn’t needed).

maybe in the next post I may share her with you guys and maybe add a part on this blog for my characters, if I want my characters to be seen I have to show them. so my twins will be seen with their new looks and their friends and hopefully, this will help them getting seen by someone like SEGA, Sony or Nintendo, you never know.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥


what I think of Sonic Forces so far

so I’ve been a Sonic fan for about 16 years and I have loved all the 3D games, Yes even 06. so the two new games are coming out this year, mania and Forces. I have preordered Mania and just waiting for the preorders for Forces to show up so I can get a copy. I really can’t talk about Mania as I never grew up with the old 2D games and really can’t play them so I will be talking about the game I want the most, Forces.

so, let’s go back to last year in July at San Diego comic con where SEGA held a birthday party for Sonic. there, they announced two games. one game for the older Sonic fans that will be a blast from the past in Sonic Mania, the other a darker game with two Sonics in Project Sonic 2017 now known as Sonic Forces. I stayed up super late to watch the party and I cried when I saw forces. I couldn’t be happier as people were saying SEGA left the Sonic I loved for Boom Sonic and Classic but they didn’t and I felt so happy. in August the last Summer of Sonic was held in London and I went and got to play Green Hill Zone of Sonic Mania and it was good and I would get it. nothing on Sonic Forces until two months ago when we got the name and the first gameplay for Modern Sonic. 3 weeks ago we get Classic’s gameplay and just yesterday they dropped the mic. (five points if you got that XD) you can make your own Character to help both Sonic’s in stopping Eggman.

now, as a character designer in training, this is the best thing ever! this is why I loved Skylanders Imaginators, being able to make a character of your own and see them in the game, fighting, helping and moving is just the game. I have seen people saying things like “DeviantART is going to have a field day with this”, yes, but their thinking about the poorly done characters that are recolours. there don’t talk about some of the most well-made fan characters ever. they keep thinking the poorly made ones and not the well-made ones. most of my characters came from being Sonic fan characters and as much as I would love to see them with my hero, I won’t be adding them to the game.

here is why. let’s use Samlee for this. she was a recolour of Sonic himself. I was 12, saw other people doing it so I thought it was okay and it clearly isn’t. she has had something from Sonic in all her looks until her newest design which is a calico cat with pale green eyes like a peridot. I am trying to keep her, her sister and her world away from Sonic and with this new game, i’m going to find it a bit harder. making a Sonic fan character only won’t be hard, they won’t have any ties to Sonic or his friends as most fan characters do. I will keep you up to date with this one as unlike Samlee, this one will be posted online.

if you have any thoughts on this, do you think SEGA did the right move with this if you’re getting the game what kind of character will you make? let me know, I would love to hear about it.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

A New Idea

my mind like to wonder. it comes up with these stories to help me sleep and keeps me entertained when I’m in a car or bus, with help from Music. an idea can come out of the blue and it did when I was having a shower. two things that I’m into apart from Video games are Gems and Stars. I use to go star gazing with my dad on winter nights and I have some real gemstones like Rose quartz and lapis lazuli. my twins, Samlee and Danny are from Gemtara a kingdom known for their Gems and their towns named after them. I never thought about Stars until I saw some in the shower… (the water was too hot, my bad) as soon as I was done and dry I grabbed my thinking book and started writing down what my mind was already telling me. I did a map of a star island, a shield like design and the name, Polaris. Polaris is the star at the end of the tail of the little dipper. I’m still working on other key parts. like the characters, the story, the island’s past, do they believe in any gods like Gemtara has demigods etc.

I haven’t done this since I made my Characters and Crystal Valley back in 2007, almost 10 years. like what I’m doing with Gemtara, I can’t share too much info as I haven’t gotten my ideas over the copyright law to keep them safe from people who could take them from me. it’s a pain as I want to share my ideas so people can see and maybe enjoy them. maybe down the line of my college years they may help with showing my art safely online. if I ever want to see my worlds come to live i have to show what I have.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

A Week To Get Ready

so I sent an application for my HND course for another college. I sent it this morning and I got a reply saying I have an interview next Monday on the 15th. my Mum went to this college so she’s going to get me to it for my interview. so that means I have a lot of work to do to get in. as I want to be a character designer I have to show them my characters as I said I was working on some in my personal statement.

most of my ideas haven’t been put down on paper (or PC) and I have the designs for my characters and haven’t been drawing them down. that’s the hard part for me, putting everything down. I know what happens, key points in the story, the characters, their past, the world etc… so, I’m right now working on Samlee on Photoshop the now and once she’s done I’ll put her in a word document with all her info that I can remember and what I have already have done from college. after Samlee, Danny would be next and then Emma and so on until Monday. I’ll mainly work on the twins, Samlee and Danny, as they are the main characters and they are the ones I want to see come to life.

I have no idea if I can get my college work done and get ready for this interview. I may have to give up my games to get all this done. no more Overwatch, Animal Crossing, Heroes of the storm etc until I’m done. YouTube will have to fill my Gaming needs with videos as I work.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

Starting again

so last night I did a Stream.  it was only on for about an hour and 20 mins but it was… good. I played overwatch, did a bit of training and some rank and it went well. views went up to 3 at the most but I didn’t care. I’ll be streaming Sonic today once my throat feels better. it’ll only be on for an hour, doing short streams until the summer. I still have college to worry about.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

new Artwork in my Porfolio

so I’ve updated my Portfolio page here. two of them are Sonic Artwork both the size for a phone wallpaper and the other is a crossover with Sonic and Newt from fantastic beasts. I know I said on my first page I’d try to update it once a month and I didn’t… bad girl DX. the little alien guy is a new one I did today. it’s also on DeviantART and I’m going to try to draw something every day, little things like a character with a simple background.


Yacker (Sonic Colours)

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥