feeling like Shit and two new Games

so to start from today to right now. so I got up from this morning and got ready for college. I’m so glad my mum was taking me in as I felt dizzy and unsteady on my feet. I went into class, got told off a little for drawing ever small. I can’t help it if I’m comfortable drawing small artwork. so as I was drawing I was seeing blue and green lights in my eyes and on break, I texted my mum and I told my teacher and she said it was okay for me to go home. before we went home, my mum took me to get funds for my PS4 and WiiU/3DS. I was playing on my PS4 for a bit with a game called Snake Pass. so far, it’s a really good game and I love Noodle (the Snake) I would play more but I’m feeling like shit. on my 3DS I got Disney Art Academy, it’s the only Art academy game I was missing. maybe after dinner, I may draw a Disney Character. I’ll post it onto DeviantArt when it’s done.

you see, lately, I’ve been feeling dizzy and a bit down. also, I have weak legs and they were acting up today so that didn’t help. I’m seeing the doctor soon to see what’s up with me. hopefully nothing bad.

well, i’m off to rest before food and maybe draw Disney. write again soon ^_^ ♥


Salty Mei

so I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube about players on overwatch raging in the game but never had to deal with it. until last night. playing with a pal and we were on 3vs3 elimination. on the last round, we were at 2 to 2 and the other team had a Mei. well, let’s just say, a hook and a blast to the face killed her and won the game.

it was luck but I didn’t see this coming. I was in another game with the pal and the Mei user PM me on PlayStation and started yelling at me. this wouldn’t be so bad until after mt pal left the game the Mei user joined my game and started to use Ice Wall on me to try and stop me. he was also in Team chat yelling at me and trying the other players I was shit and needs to be banned… in elimination, I killed him with Roadhog and in this game, I was Healer Mercy. he was also calling me a shit Mercy. so I’m shit because I’m healing the team keeping them alive, boosting the tanks and yelling “Heroes never die” when 2 or more of my team die? he died the most as he didn’t stay with the team and he was trying to piss me off.

so at the end of the game we lost, he was yelling at me again for making the team lose. now as a heads up it was only me and this Mei guy in Team Chat but the other teammates can hear us. so an Ana user came onto the Chat and yelled. “dude you did nothing to help the team, she was healing us and keeping everyone alive. she killed you in a game that’s fine, but you don’t need to bring it into this game and yelling so loud no one can F****** Think! so shut up f*** off and for you girl, stay on with me” the Mei user didn’t leave so I and Ana left and both of use blocked him. played another game and turned off my PS4.

I didn’t say anything to him the whole time, I didn’t see the point in making him more Saily. I’m fine and I’ll still play Overwatch but hopefully, i won’t see another salty player again.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥

Work first then play

so the first day of my last college block. I’ve done good apart from one thing… Typography. this went over my head as I was working on my two big projects. thankfully my tutor was understanding and has given me 2 weeks to get this done.

I’m going to use a scene Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. I was going to use a scene from a Sonic game but then again, I’ve used Sonic in other projects so maybe I should use something else. once I have the scene I want to use and taken the words needed to do this project I then can play. maybe I can see if Megan or Jake wants to play overwatch and get used to the new character orisa.

that’s all for now, see you later ♥

feeling a bit low

so I did my Stream today at 6, not 7 and I felt like it went like shit. I would say I was on my own for a good 2 and a half hours in a 4 hour Stream. I know you can get days like these… it’s just I’m trying to make my Streams better so more people would want to watch. I’ve tried asking for helpful tips from others and asked my cookies what they would like to see more of. it’s hard to improve when no one will help out. I’m just one person I can’t do anything on my own…

I work hard on everything I do. I very rarely ask for help and when I do no one is there to hear. (maybe that’s why I never ask for ask…)

sorry for this post, I just want to write my thoughts down before I go to sleep as I’ll worry myself sick if I don’t.

thank you for reading this, have the best day you can ever have ^_^

Idea for a unique for a Skylanders Let’s Play

so as I’m now going back to YouTube I was thinking of some ways to stand out. so I was playing Skylanders imaginators making some of my characters when it hit me (as I drop Samlee’s Crystal) it’s going to be a lot of work and I would need… Voice actors. I don’t want to give too much away but i will say is that I would need some voice actors to help me out.

the voice actors don’t need any past work as long as I can hear them and they sound like what I need them to be.

if you like to help out, (I will give you credit in the video you show up in and in every Video description) or you want more info as I don’t want to post anymore about the idea you can note me on deviantart (Link: http://playrina.deviantart.com/ ), on discord name Playrina #9357 or email me at playrina@virginmedia.com

that’s all for now, see you later cookies! ♥

Project CrossCode

I want to do more Art Streams and get better at my Drawing so I was working on what to do that people would like to see and it came to me as I was looking on DeviantArt. apart from drawing Sonic characters and my own characters, i love doing crossovers with other games and TV shows. I do Crossovers with characters I think would get along with or piss each other off. one I remember doing a lot of is Sonic and Spyro as I would love to see them in a video game together. I found a not done drawing of Sonic as Hanzo from Overwatch doing Hanzo’s ultimates and Spyro is the dragon coming from the arrow. I think I’ll try and finish it as I think it’ll look cool.

I have some ideas of this little project I want to do. Friday will be the first of hopefully many Project CrossCode. from the name, it’s got something to do with Crossovers but who will be with who? what games are going to share a Stream? I’ll see you all on Friday.

That’s all for now, see you later cookies! ♥

great day!

so i’m over the moon! so i got all my work done for block 2 of my College work and i have a Conditional for my HND. i’m going somewhere!! i had a nice calming Stream and made three new cookie arts.

also, well i don’t know if i should say thing but i’ll just say a little. i made new friends at College and they seem to like me. two of them are girls and normally i can’t get alone with girls. after what happened with Joana and Jaime i really started to hate girls. but these two are just as big geeks as me. their into video games, Anime and superheores like me. it’s soo cool and great i found girls that are like me! i have my girls on Twitch but i don’t see them face to face. i wont say their names but if they ever read this, you girls are great!

sadly their not going into in same course as me and i hope we keep talking. i really want to

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The wild

7-hour long stream I did for this game and I have to say, it was worth it. the game has been the best Zelda I have played and I haven’t played a lot of Zelda games. the Wii U copy of the game from what I can see, there isn’t bad looks great and plays without any bugs so far. the characters look so cool and some of them look so cute! I can’t wait to see Zelda.

so this is Sunday’s Stream until I beat the game, which will take a long time. they won’t be 7 hours long like this one did it’ll be 4 hours like all the other Streams on the weekend.

also, I am editing it into videos for YouTube but I just found something out…. my audio is a bit ahead of the gameplay, by a sec I think. it isn’t that bad so I think it’ll be okay. also, you can hear my TV at points so that show’s I’m ahead of the gameplay. as I am typing this blog I’m working on Part 1 and it may be up tonight if it’s done in time.

that’s all for now, see you later Cookies! ♥

New character in the works

so i went to my interview and it turns out i was on wrong course and i should go somewhere else.

moving on, as i was coming home from the interview daydreaming on the bus (like i normally do to pass the time) my mind wonder and fell on a story of my character Emma Rose at a graveyard placing flowers on every grave to show the dead they are still missed. she sees a brown bat at a half grave (the stone was cut in half) he sees Emma and flys away. normally i would not note down any odd chracters down but this bat caught my eye. his arms and wings were one thing. a normal bat’s arms are it’s wings and i liked the look of him. he was a brown bat and was wearing black and gothic clothes. his eyes were pink, in Gemtara everyones eyes are the same as the month they were born in, like Samlee and Danny eyes were born in august so their eyes are peridot green. October has two birthstones, Opal and Pink Tourmaline so his birthday is in October to match his eyes and his birthday is 31st as i love Halloween.

i’m working on the design and so far it looks okay. i dont have a name, age or anything about what kind of person he is. all i have is his powers is death, he can control dead spirits and dark magic. his weapon is a scythe, it looked normal but as i kept daydreaming i saw Emma Place a black rose on the scythe and see a small smile on his face. so i’m still working on him and i’ll keep you up to date with him.