my interview and plans for Stream

so first off, I got an email from the college about my interview for my HND course. it’s next week, the 1st of march at 2 PM. I hope it goes well and maybe they’ll tell me if I’m in or not. my tutor said he has high hopes I will get in so I hope his right.

onto Streams and I have something planned out. so Friday may get updated a little bit. I do want to have a nice slow start to the weekend before we blow it up with the streams, so I’m thinking of doing a little something called “building Gemtara” what this is is me working on my world I had almost 10 years ago (10 years on Aug) this would be like drawing the characters, writing the stories and working on layout of Gemtara (like maps, towns and buildings) I hope you guys would like to see this.

here’s the loud out for the next few streams

  • 27th of Feb: Overwatch with viewers and friends
  • 3rd of March: Animal Crossing City Folk for one hour, and Wizard101
  • the 4th and the 5th I won’t know what’s going on as I have a meet up with friends (and crush) so one day may not happen but one of them will be the start of the legend of Zelda breath of the wild
  • 10th of March: Cookie Art
  • 11th of March: Cookie Stream
  • 12th of march: the legend of Zelda breath of the wild

every Sunday from the 12th on so on will only be the legend of Zelda breath of the wild as we are let’s playing the game. Friday and Saturdays will have other games/Art so there will be other games not just Zelda.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥


so far this week

so this is just a little update on my week and what I’m thinking. just a heads up, sorry if it starts getting hard to read.

so I found myself playing a lot of overwatch and it’s got to the point where I’m playing it a bit too much. I’m still shit at the game and I don’t seem to get any better. I have met some cool people to play with so now it’s more enjoyable for me. but there was one girl who started to piss me off. she had this… scream that goes through my ear and after a free play with her and two other players we went into a custom game and she made a 1v1 with me and her. now like I said, I’m shit at the game and I didn’t agree to the 1v1 and like I thought I lost 5 to 0. this pissed me off and she went into a 1v1 with one of the guys. then the two guys (btw there were four of us in the party) had a 1v1. so I muted myself and played on my tablet until they were done. I stayed muted until the girl said “is Spyro here?” on PSN my name isn’t Playrina it’s SpyroSonicGirl so must people call me Spyro or Sonic. one of the guys said, “I think so” she said, “good, little bitch” I unmuted and said, “thanks, bitch” she screamed again and we kept playing and I left as I got really pissed off with her.

moving off of overwatch I fear I’m losing my love on becoming a game designer and if I do, I don’t know what to do… my tutor said it’s the paperwork, once it’s all done my dream will come back. so what I want to do is work on my world Gemtara and it’s people more. mostly I’ll do this in my own time but if and this is IF, but if my cookies want to see my world come to life then they only need to ask and I’ll do a stream on it. I have already streamed me drawing Samlee and sadly didn’t do her twin sister Danny on stream.

also, this is for stream and it’s short. I fixed the audio on my mic and I’m getting better internet and it’ll be up and ready by Friday Stream!

it’s late, I’m off, see you later cookies! ♥

Cookie maker

i did an Art Stream today and wow, i did four artworks today. yes, there all cookies but still four and people did watch me draw them.

so here are the Cookies

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About the character: Emma Rose

i have a goood number of Characters that were once fan characters of the Sonic the hedgehog fandom but are on their way to become less Sonic and more them. so must people on my Twitch and deviantart know my main girls Samlee and Danny, also known as the Storm Twins but i haven’t put the spotlight on my other characters i have been working on so i think it’s about time they got the spotlight dont you think?

so from the title, i’m going to talk about Emma Rose, if you have any question about her, let me know.

so here is some basic info about her

Emma Rose is a 12 year old chinese dwarf hamster, born on 16th of April in the Emerald Woods. she is the 7th child in a family of 12 and was raised mostly by her older siblings as her mother and father weren’t around due to work and other things. Emma was blessed by the demigod of the earth and nature Gema, this allows her to control plants and heal most wounds. she also has the weapon of the demigod, the life Bow, a bow made of oak wood and vines and arrows of cedar wood and stone.

Emma is a kind, gentle and Compassionate. she will help anyone in need good or bad. she hates fights and eating meat and doesn’t wish hurt upon anyone or anything. dont underestimate her, why she looks like she cant fight, but her aim is true and she will drop her hate for violence and fight for the safety of her friends and home.

like i said, this is basic, i’m not donw with her look but when it’s done, i’ll add it to this post.

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

YouTube is dead?

so today was a normal day for me. Tomorrow I have a dentist and I have to knock out to get fillings and a tooth took out. yeah, that’s going to be fun… also, today I tried to make an update video for YouTube and.. nothing… I really don’t want to get back into YouTube as i have lost 5 channels due to me being a female gamer and having autism, people taking my videos and making them their own etc. so I may remove all the videos and just have it for you know, watching other’s videos. anyway, I’m happy with Twitch and everyone are so nice and friendly. so I’m on Twitch, DeviantArt, Twitter and here!

okay on to some updates!

so I yet again, reset my New Leaf town and I have a big plan for this town, so I’ll let you guys know what happens. as for Let’s Go To The City, I now have the 9 villagers and can’t remember how to get the 10th if you can even have one. on Overwatch, i am on rank 21 and I tell you only the truth as I happily say and I had 5 winning games in a row and my kills were around 7 to 19 which looks like my normal kills now. also, Hanzo is the beat!!

for art, the gift I made for my mum for her birthday was well loved and a photo of it will be added to my portfolio page on this blog once i get one from my mum. I also made a 25 x 20 Canvas of one of my characters that are the Streams mascots, Samlee. it looks okay, needs more work to it but it will also be added to the portfolio page. I have another canvas of the same size and it’s going to have Samlee’s twin sister on it, Danny.

Twitch news

This week on Twitch we have both a video game Stream and an Art Stream so here’s a rundown on what i have planned

Friday, 17th of Feb (Stream Time 7-10 GMT (GMT+1)

we’ll have a one hour of Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City and then the other two hours we’ll play Skylanders imaginators. but the Stream may end early as I’ll still be healing after the dentist

Saturday, 18th of Feb (Time 6-10 GMT (GMT+1)

this is the Art Stream where I’ll be drawing Cookie Art. as of writing this blog post, i have three redeemed Cookie art from viewers and i will also do request from viewers. so far I have two from Finn (gammeligemilch) he asked for Finn from adventure time and crash bandicoot and one from Jake (Turvj007, Mod) he asked for Snake from metal gear.


this is the Cookie art

Sunday, 19th of Feb (time 6-10 GMT (GMT+1)

so this is redeemed Stream for Finn (gammeligemilch) I think he asked for Animal Crossing but I don’t know if that’s a good game to do for 4 hours so I may ask him to pick another game. hopefully, he’ll be okay with picking another game

that’s all for now, see you Cookies later! ♥

A new Stream day added

So as I only stream on Weekends, it’s going to take a long time to get to my goal of 500 followers by the end of the year, if I get there at all. I asked my mum and dad if it would okay if I can Stream on more days and they said “as long as it doesn’t interfere with your college work, you can Stream for more days” so that’s what we’re doing!

the new day is Friday but it won’t be a 4 hour like the weekend is, it’ll be a 3 hours Stream, 7 to 10. the Stream is going to be where I play games I want to play as most of the Stream are lucky picked games or games the viewers pick. we started last night’s Stream with Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City (City folk for the US). it went good and then we went to Overwatch and we had a kid join us, I had a feeling that he wasn’t from my Stream as I was saying hold on and he kept resending his message over and over. about half way into a game he said: “you still Streaming?” I really felt like slapping my head on that. really?

so yeah, Friday is now a Stream day, 7 to 10 UK time the starting game is Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City and the other game is all up to me

that’s all for now, see you later! ♥

A normal day

so today was a normal day for me. went to college and got about half of one of my projects done and told my tutor that i wont be in next week as i have to get a tooth out, that’s going to hurt DX. so after college i went to my comic book shop near my college to see if my Sonic comics are there. sadly, no Sonic comics but i did find something new and i need to read it after this blog. it’s the Assassin’s creed Uprising #1. I love Assassin’s creed and i’m getting into the Comics (reading to much Manga) so this was a good buy.

so i got my dinner at a supermarket and went to get the bus home. i see the bus, i wave at the bus to get it to stop, it drives up to the bus stop and… doesn’t stop. so i looked for another bus but the bus that kept driving was the last one home, so my dad had to pick me up.

that’s all for now! see you later! ♥

Some art plans for this month

i’m working on some artwork and crafts, one of them is a gift to my mum whos birthday is coming up. so here is what i have planned


well, a friend ask for a artwork with his, mine and other friend’s characters and i need to get it done. as valentines is coming up that would be good time to do it. i also want to work on my art that isn’t any fan art. i also need to draw Gemtara, it’s people, the towns and Team Storm. most of this will be posted on Deviantart but some will be added to the portfolio page on this blog.


for my mums gift i’m getting a cardboard T and painting into a elephant as my mum loves elephant, it’ll look something like the other letters i made (see Portfolio). the other Craft is a magazine holder, the front part has Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic the hedgehog game. it’s for my Sonic comics. the other sides are just going to be blue.

so that’s all for now! see you cookies later! ♥

Gamecube is here


so the Gamecube is here and may i see, it needed some love. first, the console was dirty and stinky so my mum had to clean it as the console showed up when i was in college. so i set up the console, fixed the time on it (the date was fine oddly) there are three games, Super Monkey Ball 2, Pac-man World 2 and Sonic mega collection. so far, it looks good the only down side is that the reset button is stuck. so if i want to change games i have to turn the console off, take the old game out, put the new one in and turn it back on. i’m kinda glad it isn’t purple. yes, purple is my fav colour but it wouldn’t go with all my consoles. it being silver it goods nicely with my PS1 and hopefully it’s going to fit next to it. the Pac-man game is getting sold as i hate Pac-man and Super monkey ball i’ll try it out as i want to play more SEGA games. (only played Nights, Hatsune Miki, Yakuza and Sonic).

games i really want are Animal Crossing as it’s the only game i haven’t played yet. Billy hatcher as an old friend of mine had it and it was fun from what i can remember and Luigi’s mansion, as i played a bit of it in a hospital waiting room and Luigi mansion 2 was so fun.

that’s all for now! talk to you later cookies! ♥