New game, new friends

so after people bugging me about Overwatch I got it. it was on sale on the PlayStation store and I downloaded it. I’ve only played it once and my friend made me play Diva for two things. one, she’s a girl gamer and two she streams. she’s okay I see her a lot on DeviantArt so I got use to her. I played around with the characters and found out I really like Diva and Hanzo. so after playing for a bit with no one to talk to I went onto Amino and found an Overwatch one and joined it.I asked people if they like to play with someone so new and two lovely guys said yes. one guy from Germany and one from the US. both were very helpful and a lot of fun, more so when I died… a lot. Roplay and Darkness are the usernames (not their full names, just keeping them safe) Roplay left and so, I and Darkness played a bit more and found out he is also a Sonic fan who grew up with the 3D games like me. he was a very nice guy and I may see him at Stream, I know I’m playing with him again.

so my plans for a relaxing Stream is out the window and I’m going to Stream Overwatch as a one game Stream. so I’m going to keep practising until then


Double Birthday Streams

so today was Glimmer’s birthday Stream. the games she picked were, Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic games, Disney Stitch: Experiment 626, Nintendo Land and Unravel. we used a wheel to pick the games for us and it picked Nintendo land. Glimmer told me what mini games to play and I did. next was Disney Stitch: Experiment 626, now I have never played this game before and right before we started the PS2 didn’t want to work. after a little play around I got it to work and we started. as everyone found out, never give me a gun… let’s say, I went crazy. sadly, Glimmer left I think half way through the game. the next game was the winter Olympics. we played, we laughed we saw the great Waluigi getting his ass kicked by the boy in blue.

the last game was Unravel but I really didn’t want to play the game again so we went to the Sims and played with a family I made and went about making them into an evil, Vampire Wife, thief family. we saw Amie get turned into a vampire, drink her husband’s friend and himself. woo hoo in a coffin and got pregnant.

I did go over my normal end time of 10 to about 10:30. I also found out that Sock’s birthday passed and I didn’t do a birthday Stream for her. so she’s getting one tomorrow so we’re not doing Spyro 3 but I will play it again on the 5th. now, I’m going to chill on the Sims, maybe working on the Sonic world I’m working on, I may make Knuckles as his birthday is on the 2nd.

that’s all for now, see you later Cookies! ♥

GameCube on the way/Stream ideas

so my cousin has a Nintendo Gamecube and he very rarely uses it. I said to him that I’ll buy it off of him and he said yes. I use to have one but sold it years ago. so having it again would be fun as I’ve seen a lot of games I want to play. so I’m buying it off of him for £20, it’s a win-win as I get a new console and he get’s money. so once he get’s everything ready he’ll drop off the console and I’ll hand over the money.

as for my streaming, I have the first weekend of February planned and just needing to think of the other weekends. it doesn’t look like I have a birthday stream this month we have two new games coming out in Feb that I want being Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World on Nintendo 3DS and For Hornor on PS4. there is also Pokemon’s 21st anniversary on the 27th and Knuckles from Sonic the hedgehog’ 23rd anniversary on the 2nd.

so we have a new console on the way being the GameCube, there will be a test Stream to see if my equipment will work. once it works, that’ll be a new console with more games to Stream!

that’s all for now, blog to you later Cookies! ♥